Water is the most important element for humanity survival.

· In the planet

  • 7,700 million of people live in our planet. (World Bank 2019).
  • 4,000 million people suffer severe water scarcity at least one month a year. (World Bank 2019).
  • If the current consumption trend continues, in 2050 half of the population will suffer from water scarcity. (OECD 2019).

· The problem

  1. 2,100 million people in the world live without potable water in their homes.    (WHO / UNICEF 2019)
  2. Every day, more than 1,400 children under the age of 5 die from diarrhea derived from lack of water and sanitation. (WHO / UNICEF 2019)
  3. Women and girls spend approximately 200 million hours transporting water every day. (UN 2018).
  4. 2,500 million people live where there is water stress and more than 20% of global GDP is produced in areas of water scarcity. (WEF 2019).
  5. The agricultural sector represents 70% of water use and 60% of all water extraction is for agricultural purposes. (FAO 2019).
  6. Wastewater for irrigation is used only in 7% of agricultural land                                   (UN 2018).
  7. By 2025, about 2,000 million people will live in countries or regions where water scarcity will be absolute

· Aquaduct Global Solution

We designed a water harvester which attract water vapor from the atmosphere.


Global Aquaduct ® is a registered trademark and counts with a pending patent application. Created by Daniel Stewart Lang.

Inspired by the Earth's water cycle

We have designed Global Aquaduct ® which is a device that extracts water vapor from the atmosphere by means of the physical process called deposition and make available up to 2000 liters of water every day.
It definitively solves water crisis for production and supply since it consumes substantially less amount of energy than any other system producing water even in places with low or without any relative humidity. 


· Mission

Create and develop the best technology to permanently solve
the problem of lack of water,through the production and
supply of potable while respecting the environment


· Vision

Make available our products for production and supply of water to the whole population in the world in order to definitively solve these basic needs of society.

· Objetive

Give access to all communities in the world to our solutions.


· Values

Development, innovation, sustainability, social impact and respect for environment.

Global Aquaduct is the solution to the lack of water in the world ...

· Contact

Calle 6 478, García Ginerés, 97070,
Mérida, Yucatán
t. +52 (999) 750.4115

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